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Image Gallery
Sound Gallery
Types of Errors
Device Error
Operator Error
Production Error
Tape Error

Video Artifacts - Analog
Carrier Leak
Chrominance Noise
Crash Record
Crushed Setup
Dihedral Maladjustment
Dot Crawl
Electrical Ground Loop Interference: AC Beat
Electrical Ground Loop Interference: Herringbone
Fluorescent Strobing
Head Equalization Error - 2-inch Quadruplex
Head Switching Noise
High Video Level
Image Lag
Incompatibility Between Television Standards
Lengthwise Tape Expansion or Shrinkage
Long Play
Loss of Color Lock
Low RF
Luminance Noise
Moiré Effect
Poor Y/C Decoding (S-Video crosstalk)
Scratches and Tape Wear
Skew Error
Subcarrier Phase Error
Sync Loss
Tape Crease
Tape Deformation
TBC Processing Artifact
Time Base Error
Tracking Error
Vacuum Guide Adjustment Error - 2-inch Quadruplex
Venetian-Blind Effect
Video Dropout
Video Head Clog
Video Jitter
Video Overwrite
White Balance Error
Y/C Delay Error
Video Artifacts - Digital
Block Noise
Clicking from Digitizer Error
DV Dropout
DV Record Head Clog
Head Clog Banding
Mosquito Noise
SDI Spike
Sub-sampling artifact
Video Overwrite
White Balance Error
Audio Artifacts - Analog
Analog Audio Dropout
Analog Distortion
Analog Noise
Audio Phase Error
Audio Overwrite
Bad Splice
Clicks and Pops
Cross-talk Between Spiral Grooves
Electromagnetic Interference
Hum and Buzz
Incorrect Speed
Muffled Sound
Noise Reduction
Pilot Tone
SMPTE Time Code
Soft Binder Syndrome
Tape Deformation
Wow and Flutter
Audio Artifacts - Digital
Audio Overwrite
Digital Audio Dropout
Digital Clipping
Interstitial Error